The News in Brief

The war is going well on all fronts, the master chief has declared that victory is imminent.

Keep fighting the good fight!

The Ape men of wasteland 392 attempted to breach the city walls this morning, but not before being sanitized by the Peoples mine field 16, may their ranks fester.

The standard of living has never been better.

Stocks rose dramatically over the last quarter which pushed the production of all goods to a new standard. Chocolate, gin and boots all saw a rise, while steel production set unprecedented new heights.

The standard of living has never been better, with life expectancy now to reach the late fifties.

Oil and gas prices rose sharply after a recent cowardly destruction of an oil refinery plant in Eurasia.

The most popular nav screen "Know Thy Neighbour" recorded the highest ever viewing percentage last night when the Smiths reported to the Peoples Police that their neighbours the Jones's had slandered the State Brotherhood.

Keep fighting the good fight!

Twenty travelling Gypsite dwarves were subdued and re-educated this afternoon when they took to defiling civil statute 1479.345d-u, they were taking turns doing handstands (standing on their hands) in an attempt to defy known moral codes of conduct.

Happiness is one pill away, keep the glum away.

The prodution of goods is up to you, are you doing your part?

"Know Thy Neighbour" is airing tonight with the conflict between the Smiths and the Jones's is to be resolved. Tune in.

Any unused ration vouchers will be returned to your local Watch Authority for redistribution.

A story has been unfolding in the southern hemisphere with the rise in popularity of a guerrilla prole who has declared independence for his migrant worker nation, the Peoples Police are subduing these heinous crimes against the Peoples People.

In the arts scene, the last know illegial ART group; The WAR STORY COLLECTIVE, who had been adamant lawlessers, guilty of think crime, image crime, structure crime, poster crime, nav screen crime, music crime, medium crime, social and civil disobediance crime, dress crime, and double speak crime, have begun the re-education and sanitation process, The Brother State prays for you all.

The best selling electronovel: Cooking For People With People, still remains at the top of the charts due to the ever increasing recipes such as Apple Ape pie and How To Tenderize The Young.

Consumption is good for everyone, keep yourself working, Consume.

We thank the Brother State for another glorious day of freeconsummerism, keep the enemies at bay.

The sunny weather on the east coast was a bit brighter this morning when a number of a species once thought extinct beached themselves on the shore, the proles quickly distributed the meat amongst themselves, the proles were apparently chanting a word from the old tongue; Barbyqu.

The expected mortality rate of infants is projected to decline with the innovations in both the GMS (genetic mate selection), GPTE (genetic predispostion trait elemination) and the decision protocal 368.2, to have all infants raised by the state until the enrollment maturity for basic training.

In the pharmacutical market, The Peoples people rejoiced over the release of SomaX, an improved version with fewer withdrawl symptoms.

The war on fear is nearing its end with the arrest and re-education of 376 suspicious persons this morning.

If you see a suspicious person, or someone you know acting in a suspicious manner, report the incident immediatly to your local Community Watch leader, remember no-one is safe from dangerous thoughts. Did you know that 93% of all suspects are reported by friends, coworkers, neighbours and family.

A woman was re-educated and sanitized this morning when she refused to release her two children (4 and 5 years) to the State education and training facility...she was reported by her children, KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT CHILDREN.

Don't forget to renew your breeding license this month, Breed Well, Breed Healthy, Breed for The State.

The re-education of the botched section 6 children continues on schedule, the error has been accounted for by officer 29478, who in the somatic programming hadn't received protocol 68.74 which is the replacement of all I's to We's in the somatic program.

The Masses for The Masses.

Civil statute 1979.379t-y has been modified to make legal the resale of house slaves to the State food repositories, meaning a reduction in landfill.

In another development, the Peoples Pacifist Army has declared that they do not wish to be members of the Brotherhood from this point on, and have decided to move to a compound in the Great White. Their decision came after they were instructed to do their civil duty and take up arms against the oppressive forces, the Peoples Police have not dicovered the whereabouts of the leader; Mr. C., who is sought for questioning.

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